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Outburst IPA Flank Steak Tacos

This recipe is for those for us that take Taco Tuesday seriously.

This taco recipe is a ton of fun and it’s really simple to make. It’s easy to scale up if you’re cooking for a number of people, but we like making them just for ourselves too. The best part is that we marinade the steak in our delicious hop-forward beer for a couple hours before we cook it. This gives the steak a delicious juiciness and a great flavor.

“The best meat, the perfect soft corn tortillas, a fantastic salsa that took some thought and, of course, paired with the perfect taco eatin’ beer. If you aren’t yet convinced that IPA’s are the perfect companion to tacos, I insist that you make these tacos, open an Outburst IPA and then you can tell me how right I am. You’ll never want another Tuesday without them.” –Jackie Dodd, The Beeroness

Big thanks to The Beeroness on this recipe!

Cutting board with Outburst IPA Flank Steak Tacos next to a bottle of Outburst IPA Outburst IPA Flank Steak Taco between a bottle and pint of Outburst IPA