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Make Your Own Apricot Ale Trail Bar

When we hit the local trails to go hiking we always make sure we’ve packed the correct gear. We also make sure we have a few food items including an energy bar to give us that extra uphill boost, and a beer to celebrate our journey.

Recently we thought, why not make our own trail bar? It turns out it’s super easy to do, and if you like one ingredient more than others you can easily change the ratio of your ingredients to fit your own preferences. We also wondered if the trail bar would taste better with beer as an ingredient and it turns out that our fruity tasting Apricot Ale adds a wonderful apricot flavor that beautifully complements the honey, nuts, and maple syrup.

So we’re sharing that recipe with you now! The next time you go on a hike, spend a little extra time in the kitchen to make an energy bar that tastes just the way you like it. You’ll also get to finish off that bottle of Apricot Ale while you’re cooking!

Bottle of Pyramid Apicot Ale and homemade Apricot Ale Trail Bars photographed outdoors on a nature trail A charcuterie board featuring freshly homemade Apricot Ale Trail Bars, cut and wrapped in a homemade brown paper wrapper tied with bright sting with 2 bottles of Pyramid's Apricot Ale. A wooden charcuterie board showing off an assortment of freshly made Apricot Ale Trail Bars along with 2 bottles of Pyramid's Apricot Ale