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Pyramid Apricot Ale Carrot Cake with Pineapple Beer Cream Cheese Frosting

There is nothing as good as a carrot cake that balances the perfect amount of spices, delicious cream cheese frosting, and a bouncy, moist crumb. Everyone remembers their favorite carrot cake and now, with this perfect recipe, all your friends will ask you to make it for special holidays, birthdays, and celebrations.

There are a few secret ingredients in this recipe. The first is the pineapple in the frosting, which makes for an unexpected and how-have-I-never-thought-of-that moment. The other secret ingredient is the inclusion of a fruity beer like Apricot Ale. The beer helps keep the cake moist, but also gives it a nice boost of stone fruit flavor that complements all the other goodies.

A slice of homemade carrot cake served with a glass of apricot ale, the dessert served in front of the whole carrot cake, tastefully decorated with a cream cheese pineapple frosting, two bottles of pyramid apricot ale linger to the side of the photo paying homage to the cake's signature ingredient - Pyramid Apricot Ale Closeup shot of a homemade, 4 layer apricot-ale carrot cake made with Pyramid's apricot ale and a pineapple creamcheese frosting.