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Outburst Bottle and Blazing Bright can on a surfboard in the sand

Cold Brews and the Beach: A day with Jennifer Yih on the Oregon Coast

Hello beer lovers! My name is Jen Yih and I’m a writer, visual artist & producer, nutritional therapy practitioner, & water woman. You can typically find me hiding out in my little cottage by the sea where I’m typically studying, creating, surfing, hiking, gardening, or just finding a nice sandy spot to spend the day at. If you knew me in the past, I was a traveling gypsy but after rampaging around the world, finding myself on remote islands wondering how I got there, I finally laid down some roots on the Oregon Coast.

I’d like to share a day in my life on the Oregon Coast. As always, a good day involves good friends and good beer.

A man holding a bottle of Outburst cheering a man holding a can of Blazing Bright outside of a van

I think many, myself included, move to remote areas to find peace & solitude, so if it’s a busy, bustling day, especially at the beach, you’ll find me as far away from any crowd or tourist area as humanly possible.

This particular day at the beach was a classically crispy morning covered by a cool marine layer. We patiently waited for the sun to burn away the cold and gift us with a perfect day. As usual the North wind was blowing and some playful surf was arriving.

We loaded Pyramid’s Outburst IPA, Blazing Bright Juicy IPA, and some Apricot Ale into the vehicles.

A man taking a sip of Outburst next to Jennifer Yih sitting in a van taking a sip of Blazing Bright Photo from above of Jennifer Yih with a can of Blazing Bright sitting on the ground next to a surfboard A straw hat, sunglasses, and a can of Blazing Bright on a quilted blanket on the sand

We started the day at a new spot owned by our local friend Shane called The Table. It’s a quaint little zone for coffee, well, a turmeric latte (a safe place for non-coffee drinkers as well). But, forget the coffee, what you really want to order is the beignets! Eat them outside and away from your delicate items, as a cloud of powder sugar is sure to follow. This is not a food for someone trying to eat healthy, this is straight up sugary, doughy goodness. Enjoy!

We had friends visiting from near and far, and since we live in strange corona pandemic times we took our social distancing hang out to the water for an afternoon surf. We unloaded the vans, stocked the coolers, and biked our way to the beach. If you need a quick snack, coffee, baguette, or pastry be sure to stop at Sea Level Cafe in Cannon Beach.

Photo from the water with a surfer on the horizon A bottle of Apricot Ale and a bottle of Outburst being help up with the sun in the background

Once arriving at the beach we rolled out blankets, clanked our cold Pyramid brews, soaked up the sun, & scoped the surf. Sharing waves & beers with friends is definitely better than sharing germs.

It’s a wonderful thing to share your favorite places with people you love but, unfortunately, I can’t tell you where any of these photos were taken because if you know anything about surf culture, localism, and tribal mentalities in general, it’s a big no no to post & share beautiful & sacred places that do not belong to me.

But I can assure you if you find your patch of sand, somewhere under the sun, it’ll be a good time.

Jennifer Yih
@jenniferyih |