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Majestic view of the Pacific Northwest mountian range covered in snow

PNW Hiking in the Midst of a Pandemic

My name is Joanna, and I don't have a lot of freetime. I'm a mom to three boys, a business owner, and I have a full time job working with autistic children. While these occupations bring me happiness, they don't come without their own set of challenges . Luckily, I've got the therapeutic advantages of nature to escape to whenever I need it.

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Long shot of a woman backcountry skiing across snow with a pine forest and snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Skiing the Snowy Mountains to Hiking the Trails in the PNW

When Pyramid reached out to do a weekend takeover of their Instagram account, and a blog post to follow, my mind swirled with a bunch of different ideas. But as the date for the takeover got closer, I decided I wanted to try something new. I wanted to take everyone on a first time adventure with me — learning how to use my backcountry skis. I am not a very good skier, but everyone has to start somewhere!

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Everyone should have access to nature - A woman holds a red maple leaf in her hand with green grass and orange leaves on the ground.

Accessing The Healing Power of Nature

Many people understand that spending time in nature feels good, not only for our body but also for our soul. When someone says “I enjoy the outdoors for my mental health” we smile, nod and agree. We get it. It makes sense. But what if an injury or disability prevents you from participating in your favorite outdoor activity? How would you care for your mental health?

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Hidden off-trail waterfall in Washington State’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Canyoning, Off-Trail Hiking, and Brews in the Pacific Northwest

Welcome to the Northwest in the Fall! The Portland Metro receives about 5 inches of rain during November, the month I’m writing this post, so embracing the wet weather is a must. My partner loves a good mountain view hike but those essentially are replaced with fogginess. So what do we do instead? We look for waterfalls by off-trail hiking and canyoning! And we celebrate our finds with beer!

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Autumn in the PNW from a Photographer’s Perspective

As a mountaineering and landscape photographer, I’ve always been drawn to hiking in autumn as if it were multiple seasons jam packed into one month. Winter’s slow or abrupt arrival dictates the length of autumn in the Pacific Northwest, which makes it a reality check to many of us living in the region that what we view as traditional hiking, backpacking, or climbing is coming to an end.

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Learning to Embrace the Cold and Rainy PNW Shoulder Season

Planning a weekend adventure during fall in the PNW is a lesson in adapting and resilience. If you get too hung up on your ideal adventure, you are going to be disappointed. Plan A might be the shining beacon of hope leading you into the weekend, but as the weather forecast becomes less of a mystery Plans B, C, and D often come out of the back pocket. The only plan that’s off the table? Staying home.

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Discovering unnamed waterfalls and hidden hot springs—Worth every ounce of effort

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful times of year. Some say our region doesn’t have much color in the foliage, but I beg to differ. One of the toughest parts of any adventure in the PNW is the fact that you are bound to encounter almost every type of weather from sun, to clouds, to rain, to sleet, to snow and back to torrential downpour at any minute, but that’s half the fun!

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Drinking Pyramid Apricot beer before skiing down mountain

From Sea to Ski — Doing it all in one action packed PNW weekend

It’s not every day that a company you’ve enjoyed for years reaches out regarding a partnership; so naturally, I lost my ever loving mind with excitement when the idea was presented. The tiny hamster-wheel in my brain raced with all of the possibilities for adventure, like a treadmill after new years day… should I embark on a kayak camp trip, an overnight in a fire lookout, socially distant backyard BBQ with my quarantine crew, or throwing some paint around in my art studio?

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Van Life Katie Larson putting on hiking boots in her van at a primitive campsite

A Weekend of Intention: Slowing Down, Resetting, and Being Present

I’ve been traveling in one form or another since I was 18, with outdoor adventures stemming back to my childhood, camping with my parents and many siblings. In the most recent years, traveling has become my full-time job, literally. I bought a cargo van in 2016, converted it, hit the road, and never stopped—until this spring.

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Enjoying cold Pyramid Brewing Apricot Ale on Ives Island near Beacon Rock

Staying Close To Home: Exploring the Columbia River

Breaking away from the daily grind can feel challenging these days when “normal” life has changed for so many of us in the past few months. Lockdown has been difficult for everyone and accessing the outdoors safely during this confusing time has definitely felt more complicated.

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Sun going down over Maple Pass Loop in the North Cascade mountain range

The Perfect Weekend Getaway in the North Cascades

As a nature photographer I’ve found the lockdown portion of 2019 to be exceptionally difficult. Endless weeks spent isolated in my apartment, without a breath of fresh air, hike, or camping trip to be found. Once restrictions here in Seattle were lifted I was incredibly eager to stretch my legs and practice social distancing the way I prefer to: in the wilderness. Thankfully, western Washington has quite an abundance of beautiful scenery to soothe the soul, and I had no trouble finding a few spectacular views.

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Holding a bottle of Outburst with light bursts around it and the monutains in background

Escaping the Mundane

Having moved from Northern California up to Washington only a year ago, I am still adapting to having so much beauty within such a small distance from my home. California has been my home for 25 years. It is a place full of incredible landscapes spread vastly across its territory; this landscape is what led me to be the photographer I am today. But Washington felt like home from the first time I drove across the border, with so many awe-inspiring sights packed into an area so close to the coast.

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Outburst Bottle and Blazing Bright can on a surfboard in the sand

Cold Brews and the Beach: A day with Jennifer Yih on the Oregon Coast

Hello beer lovers! My name is Jen Yih and I’m a writer, visual artist & producer, nutritional therapy practitioner, & water woman. You can typically find me hiding out in my little cottage by the sea where I’m typically studying, creating, surfing, hiking, gardening, or just finding a nice sandy spot to spend the day at. If you knew me in the past, I was a traveling gypsy but after rampaging around the world, finding myself on remote islands wondering how I got there, I finally laid down some roots on the Oregon Coast.

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Two men running down a sand dune at Christmas Valley Sand Dunes

Four Hidden Central Oregon Gems To Visit This Year

The Pacific Northwest has so many fantastic places to visit, and all are within driving distance from Portland and Seattle. Sometimes we don’t really realize how big Oregon is. There’s a lot to explore, with quite a few beautiful spots that are under the radar. So I want to share with you the details on how to visit and enjoy them! For my excursion with Pyramid Brewing, we headed to Central Oregon to find some of the best places to enjoy a beer!

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